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1. Watch the surfers video and practice writing the letters in the air the way we do at school

2. Practice writing the surfers (trace 3 times and practice on your own 3 times)

3. Practice your first name or first and last name 

4. Complete the letter e printing practice 

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Complete the worksheet you have.

"Pool Party Syllables" or "Trace. Write. Find"


Pool Party Syllables

For each picture, clap or stomp the syllables while saying the word. Color the number of syllables each word has. 

Extension activity: Go on a scavenger hunt in or outside your house. Can you find different things with 1, 2, 3 and 4 syllables?

Complete the worksheet you have.

"Pool Party Syllables" or "Trace. Write. Find"


Trace. Write. Find

Trace, write, and find the sight word "can".

Extension activity: Look through one of your books and see how many times you can find the word "can".


Farm Measurement 

1. Cut out all of the farm animals

2. Use different objects around the house to measure all of the different farm animals (ex: paper clips, blocks, cheerios, toy cars, etc.). How many paperclips tall is the horse? How long is the sheep? etc. 

3. Order the farm animals (and barn) from shortest to tallest




Click the link below to access Mr. Sheedy's daily music activities.


Learning Games

Here is a link to some fun learning games the kids can play anytime.